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A Derivation of Love, Chapter 5: Sunday, January 17th, 1988

Sunday, January 17th, 1988

The tap was hot under the ball of Desmond’s left foot. The condensation dripping off of it was cool. Peering over his book at the tap, Desmond carefully forced one of its knobs between his big toe and the toe next to it. He pushed the tap but it did not move. He pushed it again harder and the tap jerked forward more than he had intended.

A rubber hose attached to the tap twitched from the rush of heat and, under the water, it pushed up against Desmond’s bum. He lifted himself out of the bath water and narrowly avoided the burning rush of heat. He pulled the tap shut with his toes and lowered his bum slowly into the now much hotter water.

Desmond looked at the eyeball on the cover of his book.

Nineteen Eighty-Four had the smallest letters of any book he had ever tried to read and it was also the hardest. When he saw the book at the library, the big peeping eye made him think it was a sex-book. With the spine against the palm of his hand, he held the book loosely, and, where it opened most easily, he scanned the pages looking for sex. The book opened where the main character imagines himself tying a beautiful woman to a post, beating her with a rubber truncheon, and shooting her naked body full of arrows. It was weird but Desmond liked the description of the woman. He checked the book out from the library, hoping there would be more sex. So far, there hadn’t been any.

Desmond threw the book on the bathroom floor, away from the tub, where it would not get wet. It landed next to an Archie’s Double Digest. He slid into the water, letting his arms and hands go under, and his penis pushed out. With his left hand, he dripped water onto it and it twitched at each drop. Then, he squeezed it and closed his eyes.

The teacher was alone in the classroom, standing by her desk. She wore a long skirt, a loose blouse, and a cardigan. Desmond got up from his desk and kissed her neck.

His hand moved up and down, slowly.

The teacher said, “No,” but she did not push him away. He kissed up her neck slowly and she raised her chin. She said, “it isn’t right for a teacher and student to do this.” She said, “It isn’t right. We will get into trouble.” Desmond moved quickly to the other side of her neck, her chin fell, and he kissed her below the ear. She moaned and took hold of his shoulders. He kissed her slowly, down her neck, and across the top of her collar bone.

His hand moved in time with each kiss.

Desmond opened the top button of the teacher’s blouse and kissed the exposed skin. He opened the next button and kissed again. He opened the next button. Then, the next. She quivered under each kiss. Now, on his knees, Desmond kissed her stomach and he slid both hands up over her smooth naked skin. The soft material of her blouse brushed against his knuckles. He cupped her breasts. Again, she said, “No.” She said, “We shouldn’t. We can’t. We have to stop.” Her nipples were hard under the tips of Desmond’s thumbs and she moaned, as he brushed them lightly.

His grip tightened and its movement became harder, faster, in time with her moans.

Desmond pressed the tip of his tongue lightly against her stomach and he slowly slid it up across her skin. He paused below her left breast. The teacher moaned and again said, “No.” Slowly, he slid his tongue, up, around, and down the circumference of her breast. He continued the slow circle and he slowly drew it tighter and tighter, in towards her nipple. She writhed in pleasure, softly moaned, and she said, “No. No. No.” Desmond’s tongue was now very close to her nipple and her whole body was very tight. He slowly eased the pressure of his tongue and then pulled it away, without touching her nipple. The teacher’s anticipation faded but her body was now much tighter then it had been before. He could feel it, without touching her.

His grip relaxed and it moved slowly, cautiously.

Again, Desmond placed his tongue at the very outside of the teacher’s left breast. He held it there for a moment and then circled in the opposite direction. Slowly, the circling touch of his tongue tightened around her nipple. The teacher was now even more tense and excited than before. Her breathing was heavy, deep, and quick.

His grip tightened and it moved more firmly up and down, in time with her breathing.

Desmond could not draw the circle any tighter without touching her nipple. He paused. Between her breathes, the teacher said, “Oh God, please, no. Oh God, please, no.”

The smell of her was everywhere and his grip did not move.

Abruptly, Desmond moved to her right breast and took the whole nipple full in his mouth, moving his tongue over it. The teacher exploded in ecstasy. Desmond tightened his grip and moved it up and down hard and fast. The teacher moaned and groaned and writhed up and against his tongue, mouth, and body. Desmond knew she could not handle it any longer and he moved, abruptly, back to the left nipple. The teacher exploded again. His hand moved hard and fast, in time with the sounds of her pleasure. Again, he felt the teacher could take no more of it. He abruptly moved his mouth away from her nipple and slowly slid his tongue down to her stomach.

His grip loosened and his penis twitched in his hand.

The teacher caught her breath and Desmond got to his knees again. She shook her head and body. She said, “No. No. No.” She said, “If we stop now, no one will be in trouble. This isn’t serious. This isn’t serious.” Desmond slipped under her long skirt. She said, “Please stop before someone finds us. Please stop before someone finds us.” Desmond licked her underneath. She moaned, her knees buckled, and she held onto his head. She moaned and groaned and said, “Oh, God, please, no. Oh, God, please, no.”

His hand moved quickly to match the intensity of her pleasure.

The teacher pulled him off his knees. She sat back on her desk, raised her legs, and hiked up her skirt. He moved into her and she orgasmed instantly, moaning from the pit of her stomach into the back of her throat. His hand moved slowly at first but the momentum increased, as the sounds of her pleasure increased. Very quickly, Desmond was pushing into her with all of his might and each push made her orgasm. She came again and again and again. She writhed as he pushed into her, his grip matching each push. He counted off the orgasms, in his head. Twenty-two, twenty three, twenty four. She begged him to stop. She couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much. Stop. There’s no point anymore. She said, “I couldn’t possibly have another one, even if I wanted to.” Then, her mouth opened mutely, her eyes rolled back, and she had another orgasm. Twenty-nine. Thirty. Thirty-one. His hand worked faster, harder. She moaned louder and louder. Her writhing was more and more frantic. Desmond couldn’t hold it any longer and he pushed into her as hard as he could and she exploded in one more massive orgasm.

Desmond dropped his bum back into the water and took a long deep breath. Something had felt different this time. He opened his eyes and looked at his penis, twitching, straight, and hard. On the tip, in the hole where the pee came out, he saw a tiny white bubble.

It was cum. Desmond had finally made cum.


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