Small Problems: How To Divide the Cake

Trish and Jacob are both very fond of chocolate cake and, unlike many boys and girls their age, they are both very fond of sharing chocolate cake. The small problem they face is how best to divide the cake.

“I guess we can both be sure that we aren’t the mother of this piece of delicious cake,” remarked Jacob.

“Agreed,” Trish agreed, as she smoothed the long folds of her bright Sunday school dress. “How shall we divide it?”

“Why don’t I divide it,” said Jacob. “Boys are better able to divide cake than girls.”

“Very well,” said Trish, “but I get to choose first which piece to take. Girls are better at choosing pieces of cake than boys.”

Jacob, who couldn’t quite believe his luck, quickly said, “Why, of course, that makes perfect sense!”

Whatever might be said about the relative skills of boys and girls, you can be sure Trish is no saint and that she prefers larger to smaller pieces of chocolate cake.