Small Problems: Perspective

Trish is a little girl who can draw anything she sees or imagines. Children in the neighborhood often ask her to draw their portraits. The small problem that Trish faces is that some children don’t look anything like the way they think they look.

“No, no, you’ve done this all wrong,” Trevor said. “This isn’t what I look like at all. Draw me the way you draw a tree -- just as you see it.”

Trevor had big ears, a large crooked smile, and one nostril much larger than the other. He was sure his face had a lot of character.

“With this much character in one face, I can’t draw it as I see it,” Trish replied. “I’ve adopted a new style. Just for you.”

Trevor, instead of being disappointed, was delighted!

Picasso, you can be sure, solved the same problem in the same way.